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Plasma Bound at CAMX 2024: Unveiling Next-Gen Composite Bonding Solutions at Booth X11!

We are excited to announce that Plasma Bound will be exhibiting at CAMX 2024, the premier event for the composites and advanced materials industry, held from September 9th to 12th in San Diego, California.

Our CPA technology is transforming the composite industry by delivering exceptional bonding performance. This groundbreaking innovation facilitates the structural adhesive joining of lightweight materials, such as carbon and glass fiber-reinforced composites, surpassing the strength of the composite structures themselves.

Vulcan, our flagship product, not only supports CPA technology but also serves as a sophisticated surface preparation monitoring and control system. It offers real-time monitoring and swift response to any deviations, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. This real-time quality assurance distinguishes us in the composite production sector.

CAMX is your best source for new solutions, technologies, and ideas you need for your current and future projects. It makes it easy to watch live process demos, see materials and interactive displays on what may be possible in the future, and meet with hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. Learn more at

  • Event: CAMX 2024
  • Date: September 9th – 12th, 2024
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Plasma Bound Exhibition: Booth X11

We invite all our partners from the US and around the world to visit us and experience the future of composites with Plasma Bound. We look forward to seeing you there!

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